Maury's Place

A cyber soapbox for Maury
This is a collection of stories and opinions that may have occurred to Maury while traveling. These stories are likely to have come from something seen or experienced on a trip. Below is a list of story titles with links to the individual tomes.
Earthlings see alien craft
Strange craft seems to appear out of nowhere
The original meaning of the peace symbol
It isn't what many people expected.
Which side is the fuel filler?
What side, on a car, is the fuel filler?
A Very Unusual Experience
I attended an autopsy. NOT a fun story, but very interesting and educational.
Unloading Hay Trucks
A story from my childhood about how I earned my spending money.
Lightning About to Strike
A frightening experience in a thunder storm while driving I-80 in Wyoming.
Nevada and Wyoming — Different Ways to Build Interstate Highways
This is a personal observation of the different way the states of Nevada and Wyoming built Interstate freeways in their respective states.
California Freeway Names — North and South —
This story came to mind while watching a high speed car chase on TV when we were staying in a Southern California campground.
How the Marshmallow Got Its Name
I wondered about the marshmallow name while toasting some of the sugary confections over a campfire during a crab fishing trip.
My Grandma's Lye Soap
While on a trip to attend an FMCA convention, I was reminded of this story when I saw a stack of lard packages in a Pasadena grocery store.
Car Fire at Highest Point on I-80
This story is about a very exciting event we witnessed on one of our trips to our home town.
A Rocket Engine Test
Frightened while returning from our first road trip taken in 1963.


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