Stories From the Travels of Lynn and Maury

The stories herein are accounts of fun travel-experiences that Lynn and Maury have done either together or on their own. Stories will be about all forms of travel and adventures (Tours — Cruises — Motorhome trips — Road trips — Railroad trips). This may include various adventures taken with the Cupertino Senior Center. The most recent published story appears at the top of the list below.
Story Description Location
Las Vegas with Friends Searching for TV show locations Las Vegas, NV
Talking with Children in Spain A Fun Visit with Spanish Children Seville, Spain
Meeting Debbie Reynolds An Entertaining Stage Performance Laughlin, NV
Submarine Adventure Dive Beneath the Deep Blue Sea Kailua-Kona. HI
Draft Horse Classic Watch Gentle Giants Perform Grass Valley, CA
USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier Tour Tour a floating US Navy museum Alameda Point, CA
Maury's Run In With the Law in Nevada How I met Sheriff Ken Jones Eureka, NV
Maury's Toy Maury's Fun Little Car Silicon Valley to Pacific Coast Highway
Seaside Camping Next to Pacific Ocean Lynn's first RV trip Half Moon Bay, CA


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