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The fun guy we all knew and loved

Kevin was a fun guy to be around. He was a big sports fan of San Francisco Giants and the 49ers. Kevin always seemed to find time for a game of cards. He also enjoyed playing golf as often as he could.

Kevin's Obituary

Kevin had an infectious laugh that could get everyone in the room laughing along with him. He enjoyed traveling with his lifelong partner, Tina, in their motorhome. The motorhome was also used to attend RV club gatherings where he socialized with his friends in the Venture Outers RV Club. He often contributed to the RV club breakfasts by helping with the cooking of bacon and eggs. He was always willing to lend a hand when needed. One of Kevin's fun things to do was to play cards whether in an RV campground clubhouse or a casino. Kevin will be missed by the many friends he left behind.

Fun Memories

What follows is a celebration of Kevin's life in the form of a collection of photos of Kevin enjoying the life he had to leave behind. The pictures will bring up happy memories of our time spent with Kevin. The photos in this tribute were taken from many of Kevin's motorhome travel destinations


A fun putting competition

Looks as if the guys are praying


Watching hash browns cook is like watching grass grow

 The hash browns are done enough

Harry and Kevin talking about Harry's motorhome issues

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