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Nilo Giovanni Rosellini 1937 - 2019

Nilo was first and foremost a family man. He loved his kids and grandchildren. He took his American family to Italy to introduce them to their Italian relatives. That must have been a very rewarding trip for both Nilo and his family.

Nilo was a member of the Venture Outers RV Club for many years which was like a second family to him. With his RV friends, Nilo would travel in his motorhome to RV conventions, to Quartzite, Arizona and to Waldport, Oregon. His journeys to Oregon for several years took place with RV club members to go crab fishing in the Alsea Bay.

Nilo always brightened a place with the many stories of his life and his many adventures. He shared vivid memories of his life in Italy during World War 2. The stories of trips around the world were fun to listen to as he embellished each adventure. Some of Nilo's trips were taking while he was in the U.S. Navy.

Nilo made friends easily. He would walk up to a stranger and ask some sort of question to get a conversation going. Most of the time Nilo already knew the answer to the question he asked. Nilo definitely had the gift-of-gab that he used very effectively as he made new friends wherever in the world he found himself. Nilo was quick to smile which became infectious making everyone around him happy to know him.

Fun Stories with Nilo

Nilo was a great sports fan, especially when it came to the Oakland Raiders football team. He tried to get to every home game and made it to a few "away" games. Nilo's tailgate parties were legend. He would drive his pickup truck, loaded with food and cooking equipment to the stadium parking lot.

When it came to cooking, Nilo was a primo Italian chef. It was common for Nilo to go to great lengths to prepare a special dish or even a whole meal for friends and family. He had been know to go on a trek, at the last minute, to find the perfect ingredient. One time in Waldport, Oregon, Nilo took off, while cooking cioppino, to find Italian parsley because easy-to-find regular parsley was not good enough.

The world is a better place because Nilo was here. Nilo was a friend of all who knew him and he will be missed, but not forgotten.

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