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Kauai, Hawaii
Lynn and Maury had the good fortune to have opportunities to travel with Nilo and Kathy. Below are photos from adventures in Kauai, Hawaii. Nilo had been there before, so he played the role of tour guide around the island.

Kathy, Nilo, Lynn and Maury at an overlook of
Waimea Canyon (Grand Canyon of the Pacific) on the island of Kauai


Nilo and Kathy preparing a meal in the timeshare


Nilo cooking chicken on the grill outside the timeshare

Anyone who knows Nilo, doesn't find it unusual for him to find a Costco store
on the island of Kauai. He actually considered Costco to be a piece of paradise.


Nilo spent a lot of time admiring all the orchids in Costco

Nilo talks with a tour guide while walking through a botanical garden

Nilo and Kathy getting their picture taken after
a helicopter flight over all of Kauai with Maury and Lynn


Preparing to go inside for the Smith Family Luau
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