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Costa Rica
One of Lynn and Maury's favorite trips with Nilo and Kathy was their adventure to the jungles and volcanoes in Costa Rica. While there the touring foursome had great weather and fun bunch of people in which to share the experience.

Wading in the Caribbean Sea on the east coast of Costa Rica

Nilo getting ready to take a picture of a crocodile while cruising the Tarcoles River


Nilo really liked all the exotic plants that grow in Costa Rica

Nilo and Kathy watching the scenery go by

Nilo and Kathy invade Nicaragua next to the Rio Frio
This took place during a cruise through the jungle on the Rio Frio. The boat driver said that he couldn't go any further because he wasn't allowed to cross the border into Nicaragua. The boat was pulled up to shore just inside Costa Rica. The group was told that they could get out, but they must stay on the Costa Rica side of the border (wink wink). Of course everybody crossed the border into Nicaragua to have their pictures taken standing in front of the border sign.

This shows where the "invasion" of Nicaragua took place

Jungle river–cruising can be tiring

  Nilo purchased a souvenir painting of a critter seen often on this tour
Click on photo to view larger version

  Group photo at end of Costa Rica tour
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