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Maury and Lynn
Now Vaccinated
Maury and Lynn have completed their COVID-19 vaccination. They are now more than two weeks after their second COVID shot. They feel as if a burden has been lifted that they carried, along with millions of other people, for more than a year. With that said, they have been told that they must continue to wear masks when outside their bubble. Maury and Lynn were told that they could still breath in corona virus without hurting themselves. However, if they were to cough or sneeze, they could spread the virus to others who have not been vaccinated. So, wear masks and stay healthy.

This site is devoted to fun stories of Maury's and Lynn's travel adventures. Maury has 4+ decades of RV travel experience while Lynn is an accomplished traveler using tours and cruises. They've had fun as they introduced each other to their respective travel skills. Both have enjoyed road trips in Maury's fun little car.

Lynn has a knack for finding really great bargains for tours and cruises that have turned out to be marvelous adventures. Maury has the ability to find fun routes to travel, with their motorhome, that brings the traveling duo close up to small town America. Some of the most fun stories can be found on the back roads of North America.

Even though the plan is to concentrate on fun travel stories, other issues can be covered under the umbrella of Our Fun Stories. In the past Maury wrote stories for in the narrative form as in a journal of his travels. The content of this website will be more focused on individual subjects that have to do with the travel adventures of Lynn and Maury. However, he will still use the "Narrative" form of writing, but less about day to day, journal style prose. Also, new additions may appear in the order they are written rather than when they actually happened.

The home base for Lynn's and Maury's adventurers is in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. They travel via airline, tour bus, cruise ship, train, motorhome and automobile. So if you like what you see here, come back occasionally to see the new places visited and adventures they've experienced. Also, there are other pages of useful information that a reader may find interesting.

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