B-29 Team Photos from 1945

Copies of the group photo and the aircraft picture, seen below, have been sent to "Docs Friends," a group of people who have been restoring a World War Two B-29 bomber in Wichita, Kansas, The airplane's name is "Doc". The plane can be seen on a website set up to tell Doc's story by clicking the following link.
Doc's Friends website

The CBS Television Network featured a story about "Doc" on a Sunday Morning show. It is a well done account of how Doc was found and restored to a condition that may be better than new. To my way of thinking, the CBS story is a great tribute to Doc and Doc's Friends as well as all the people who built and restored Doc. Check the story out at the following YouTube link.
CBS Sunday Morning story of the B-29 known as Doc

Since this story was written, "Doc" has been moved
into its new home near the Wichita airport

My name is Maury Lambert; I was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. While growing up during World War 2 (WW2), my father (Clair Lambert) was 4F due to a heart problem, so he didn't end up in the military. However, he contributed to the war effort by working at Boeing as part of the B-29 team. He was a final inspector on the production line. The first two pictures are small versions of the original photos I found recently.

The group of people seen here were working at Boeing at the time the B-29 named Doc was built. Doc has been lovingly restored by a large group of volunteers in Wichita. Now a new home is being built for Doc where the B-29 can be maintained and be seen as a tribute to the many people involved in the war effort as well as the people who worked to restore Doc.

Click on image to view larger version

My father is in the above picture
As part of his job, my father flew, with a group of managers, from Boeing in Wichita to the company's headquarters in Seattle, Washington. I was told that he flew on board a B-17 which can be seen in the photo to the right.

I remember that the day before the flight, my father brought a regulation U.S. Army parachute home to show to my mother and me. It was made with two parts. There was a large pack on his back with a smaller pack hanging below the large pack. My dad told that the larger backpack was the main parachute while the smaller pack was an emergency 'chute which also served as a seat cushion.

An example of how I remember my father's parachute can be seen by clicking on the following link..  

 Picture of a pilot with parachute

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I was told that my father was aboard the B-17

My father was 4F when WW2 began. He had a bad heart which had already given him two mild heart attacks. However, my dad was very patriotic and found a way he could contribute to the war effort by going to work for Boeing. I was told that he was a final inspector on the B-29 production line.

In every photo of my dad, he has a charming smile like what is seen here on the right. He finally experienced a third and fatal heart attack in 1948 at the age of 36.


Clair Lambert


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