Different Interstate Construction Plans

Nevada and Wyoming

In 1968 and later in 1972 I traveled to my hometown using the "Northern route" that included much of what is now I-80.

In Nevada, the freeway was being built between the cities and towns along the US-40 route. The new freeway pavement would end just before getting to a town forcing traffic to roll right through the middle of each city and town following the US-40 route. This usually was very slow going as the line of cars, RVs and eighteen-wheelers had to stop and go as traffic lights changed to accommodate local traffic. I guessed that this was done to help businesses along the highway, in the towns and cities, survive as long as possible before the Interstate was completed. I know that I would take advantage of these trips through various towns to stop to get something to eat and to refuel the car.

The state of Wyoming seemed to have just the opposite construction technique. The US highway was used between the towns and cities while the new Interstate pavement bypassed the towns. It was as if all the bypasses were built at one time across the state. Then work began on the sections of Interstate pavement that was between the towns.

It occurred to me at the time that if a vehicle had a large enough fuel supply, a person could drive from one side of the state of Wyoming to the other without ever stopping. Needless to say, I preferred the Wyoming model of freeway construction.



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