Funny Story Heard in Cayman Islands


Has been renamed the "Cayman Turtle Centre"

— Warning, this story is NOT for vegetarians —
Lynn and I visited Grand Cayman Island as part of a cruise around the Western Caribbean. We took a local bus tour that found its way to a turtle farm. That is what it was called when we were there, however, it's now called the "Cayman Turtle Centre." The place still does everything it did before the name change, but apparently, the word "Farm" in the name was found to be unpleasant.

Lynn holds a one month
old sea turtle

This place is used both for farming the sea turtles as well as for research and scientific studies. One of the tasks the Turtle Centre takes on is to find ways to make sure the turtles survive in the wild. But one of the main uses of the turtles is as a source of meat. Turtle meat seems to be a staple in the Caymanian diet. The farm makes it possible for people here to have a diet they are used to without resorting to taking turtles from the wild. Now that sets us up for the funny story told on the bus by our tour guide.

While traveling around Grand Cayman Island we saw a lot of chickens running around in the wild. They seemed to be everywhere we went around the island. So, I asked, "Why are there so many chickens running around on the loose?" I was told that the chickens had no natural predators on the island. So, I suggested that people should eat the chickens. I was surprised by the response I got. I was told that the people consider the wild fowl as being "dirty" and unfit for human consumption. That really surprised me because chicken is a very common source of protein around the world.

Our tour guide told us that he had a buddy who had eaten chicken once. I asked how his friend liked it. The guide said, without hesitation or cracking a smile, that his friend told him ... (Click on stars below)


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