Tulum, Mexico on the Yucatán Peninsula
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There are several stone platforms that looked as if they once supported a stone building. However, we were told that some of the platforms are as they were intended to be. The platforms were made to support a wooden house with a thatched roof constructed on the raised surfaces. This type of building disappeared over the years leaving only the stone platform.

Some of the stone structures have places that appear to have failed or fallen, exposing the inside construction. It looks as if the inside of a stone platform is made of loose rubble with the outside layers of rocks roughly fitted together. I was somewhat surprised at how sloppy the construction appeared as compared to the precision of stone structures built by other cultures such as the Inca people. As it turns out, some buildings were built on top of the rubble of older buildings that had been torn down.

Steps made of unevenly placed stones

This platform may have supported a house

As we walked around we found ourselves looking across at the "Temple of the Wind God"(TWG). This looked like a good place to get a few photos. The TWG is located on the top of a bluff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. At the bottom of the bluff is a sandy beach. The TGW is a typical example of a structure that is built without straight lines. One of the people in our tour group took a photo of Lynn and me with the TWG in the background. Then I got a nice photo of Lynn with the temple in the background. I felt that this place was a very nice place to relax and just take in the views and scenery as a gentle breeze swept over us.

Lynn with Temple of the Wind God in background

Lynn and Maury with Temple of the
Wind God
in the background

As we found our way down from the overlook area, we passed the Temple of the Descending God, yet another structure made with uneven rows of native stone producing no straight lines. A little farther along the trail we came upon what looked like a cave with a building on top of the cave. This turned out to be the Casa del Cenote or the house over the well. Cenotes usually are sinkholes or caves that have a natural supply of fresh water. Some are small like what we saw in Tulum, but they can be fairly large.

The Temple of the Descending God.
Yet another structure with no straight lines.

The Casa del Cenote

From the Casa del Cenote we found our way to the tunnel where we entered the ruins earlier. Now it was time to go back the way we came. It was a lot easier going down the long stairway making for a quick trip back to our tour bus. This had been a truly interesting excursion like nothing we've seen before.

We are on our way out of the ruins
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