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Sign located over the entrance door

Finding Count's Kustoms
A show I watch occasionally, on the History Channel, is Counting Cars. The show follows Danny (The Count) Koker around Las Vegas as he looks for another vehicle to add to his collection. Danny's crew will customize, restore or Danny will just add a new acquisition to his eclectic collection of vehicles.

Our foursome (Jim, Helle, Lynn and me) set out to find Count's Kustoms using a map. We had the address and figured it would be a short drive to Danny Koker's place of business. Even though it seemed easy, I drove right past the place and became lost in a light-industrial area.

So, I turned around and made an attempt to find the place driving from the other direction. There seemed to be an anomaly in the address numbers as well as a confusing change in street names. There was a big gap in the numbers we saw as I drove slowly along the street that was supposed to take us to Count's Kustoms. After a third failure driving back the original direction, I pulled into an auto-parts, store, parking lot. Jim jumped out of the car and ran inside to get directions. He returned to the car with verbal instructions as well as a hand drawn map.

As it turned out, we were very close to our planned destination. So once again I cruised slowly following Jim's verbal instructions. Wow! We found the entrance and we then really understood why we had so much trouble finding Count's Kustoms. The street looks just like a driveway and Count's Kustoms isn't visible from the street, which is why I drove right by it three times. Fortunately we all considered getting lost in Vegas as part of our day's adventure. For anybody who wants to visit The Count's place, check out a map that can be seen below.

Maury and Lynn next to a strange looking customized school bus

As our foursome walked toward the entrance of Count's Kustoms, we saw a very interesting custom vehicle. This very unusual customized school bus looked like a good place for a selfie of Lynn and me. The bus is one of several creations dreamed up by a guy who really likes to put horns (fake animal horns) on everything. At times he wears a helmet that has horns.

As we continued to head for the entrance, Count's Kustoms logos could be seen in many places around the driveway.

Helle led the way as we entered the showroom. Inside I saw a few vehicles seen on TV, but most I was seeing for the first time.


Helle was the first to enter Count's Kustoms


When I was a teenager I was a big fan of custom cars, the more radical the better. One of my custom car heroes, was and still is, Daryl Starbird. Now I find that, even though I still like radical customs, I also enjoy seeing stock cars in show-room new condition. But I also like cars that are gently customized so that the original car can still be identified. It seems as if that is what Danny does with many vehicles he customizes. A good example is the 1959 Ford Thunderbird that Danny's team customized for Elvira. Her '59 Thunderbird can be seen on Count's Kustoms website. There was a video running of Danny presenting Elvira with her newly customized car. I took a photo from that video.

Danny revealing Elvira's customized '59 T-Bird

When we entered Count's Kustoms, we could see a large part of Danny's collection of vehicles. In the showroom are customized cars, trucks and even bicycles. I especially liked the '55 Chevrolet that appears to be stock. But you never know with Danny. There might be a beast of an engine under what appears to be a stock automobile hood. We saw several exotic supercars that appeared to be stock. However, the supercars in stock condition are just as much fun to check out as a flashy custom vehicle. One of my favorite cars, in the showroom, is a 1932 Ford hot rod that was used as the model for a car in the first Hot Wheels car collection.

A really cool hot rod made from a 1932 Ford

As I mentioned earlier, we had a difficult time finding Count's Kustoms. However, when I checked out the Count's Kustoms website, I found a map that gives instructions to help people find Danny's place of business. On the map is an explanation that clarifies the issue of how to find the entrance. The map image below was inspired by a similar image on the Count's Kustoms website.

Click on image to view birds-eye view

Map clarifies how to find Count's Kustoms

It has been said, "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life." Also, I've heard it said, "Do what you love and the money will follow." After watching "Counting Cars" on TV and visiting Count's Kustoms in Vegas, I think Danny Koker has really done well and is an example of what happens according to those sayings. He seems to be successful at making a good living while having fun. He appears to have been able to open businesses that mostly are fun, but probably take a lot of work albeit fun work. Danny has a Bar and Grill, a rock and roll band with Danny as lead singer, guided-tours of the Las Vegas and more. Check out Danny's websites and you will see what I mean..


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